Seller Services
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When you hire an agent you agree to pay them for their services. You should know what those services are before you sign the contract. I believe in what is called value added service and I always show you what I will do before you sign the contract. Below are the general categories of the services that I provide for you.

1) Seller Counseling - We sit down in your home and talk about what you need and where you want to go. So that I can use this information to tailor the market plan to your needs. Example: you want to move at a certain time of the year. We can decide on a plan that meets that need. If you are concerned about having people in your home when you aren't there, we can tailor the plan to address that concern. This interview also allows you to get to know me so that you can tell whether I am the agent that best fits your needs. Click here to schedule a consultation with Samantha.

2) Staging of the property - we work together to get the property to top showing condition and therefore best offer condition prior to putting the sign in the yard. We do this with the least inconvenience possible. By staging the property the house shows to advantage and will generate the highest offer in the least amount of time.

3) Marketing - I put together a marketing plan that is tailored to showcase your properties best features. I take your input, my knowledge of market conditions and buyers and then we design a plan that will show the property to advantage and target the right buyer to purchase. I use many mediums for getting your property to the buyer. In investing they say diversify and that is what we do with our marketing strategy. By doing so I can show your home to a varied pool of buyers.

4) Feedback - my team works hard to follow up on each lead and each showing. In cooperation with the seller we are able to follow up with the other agents who show the home and provide you with valuable feedback that allows us to change our approach to the market when there is a need.

5) Seller Updates - One of the most common complaints that I hear from sellers is..."That other agent listed the house and then we never heard from them again, until it was time to renew." We provide an update of all of the marketing that has been done on the house every 2 weeks. This update includes hints on seasonal items that may help the house sell and copies of all the marketing that we have done in the previous two weeks.

6) Pricing - I compile a market analysis that gives you the information needed to make a smart pricing decision. We talk about price and the consequences of pricing too high or too low. As always we work together to set a price that both meets your needs and will sell the property.

7) Coordination - We will work with any other agent in or out of our area to coordinate your sale with a purchase if that is needed. Many times we are able to do things in a manner that allows you to move out of one home and into another with no interim housing, if this is what you need.

8) Handle the details - I handle all of the details, state and federally required disclosures, showings, inspectors, contractors, appraisers, other agents and escrow. There are between 25 and 50 people who touch each transaction in some way and you cannot count on each one of them doing their job perfectly each time. I am there to take care of any bumps in the road.

10) Truth - you can always expect to hear the truth from me. My motto is "I would rather tell you the truth now rather than six months from now." I find that honesty is always the best policy and that most people would like to know the truth up front rather than down the road so that they can make an educated decision. I feel that I am not doing the job you hired me to do if I do not let you know what is actually happening, no what the item is, from price to condition.

11) Fun - we should always have a little fun even when things are rough. Life is too short to not enjoy what we are doing now.